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You no longer have to sacrifice design for function! Full View Door Company, the newest custom opening solution from Carriage House Door Company, offers unique, custom, architecturally designed doors and operable walls that transcend traditional boundaries and transform interior and exterior spaces. We feature fully customizable openings that expand design for architectural, commercial, and residential projects. You get more light, more air, more options, more space.

6605_Urban_View 1 Summer_F1

Urban – Mid-Fold

The Urban opening solution is a counterweight balanced, vertical lift bi-folding system constructed from structural steel and is suitable for all application types. By eliminating the need for overhead structure, architects and customers will have more clear opening to create amazing views and access.

  • Largest clear opening height of any 50/50 bifold
  • No need for extensive structural or excessive electrical cost
  • Creates amazing views

Avalon – Vertical Slide

Whether it is a wall of glass, wood, metal, stone or laminate, the Avalon will elegantly showcase your project.  These operable window walls are beautifully designed to rise into the ceiling structure or lower into the floor structure, which gives the customer the versatility to accommodate their design needs.

  • Most customizable operable door options
  • No protrusion to the interior or exterior.
  • Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications
6603_Canopy_View 2_F1

Canopy – Tilt Up

The single leaf design of the Canopy is versatile and elegant, allowing the ultimate flexibility to meet design needs. It’s suitable for:

  • Flush mount applications
    Versatility of matching site lines
  • Creating an awning effect when open
  • Hurricane and high wind load applications
  • Most customizable openings
  • Hurricane rated doors
  • design options are limitless

Luxe – Reverse Fold

The Luxe folds along a horizontal hinge line and moves upward, while the bottom panel opens until horizontal which creates an awning effect. The operable window walls and doors are constructed from structural steel sections and suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

  • Most unique opening solution
  • Offers less intrusion into the interior, less lost space when open
  • Gives more of a canopy to the exterior
6606_Vista_Opened Doors_F1

Vista - Bi-Fold

The Vista is a counterweight balanced vertical bi-folding overhead door system constructed from all aluminum and stainless steel parts and is suitable for commercial, retail, and residential applications. By eliminating the need for overhead structure, architects and customers will a have more clear opening to create amazing views and access with these operable window walls.

  • Dual panels create an awning
  • No interior projection allows for screens or air curtains
  • Clean lines with luxury looks

Metro – Stack-Fold

Looking for a solution where there’s no interfering with lights, HVAC, or sprinkler systems? The Metro is the answer! The Metro is a contemporary sectional door, window or wall system that opens effortlessly with vertical folding panels. Free of ceiling tracks, the Metro creates a superior environment and an effi cient space management solution.

  • Zero wasted space in your opening
  • Perfect for interior and exterior spaces
  • Won't cover lighting, sprinklers or HVAC