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Precision Building Solutions & Graham Windows - The Complete Window Solution

Precision Building Solutions has partnered with Graham Architectural Products to provide a full aluminum window solution. We have over 40 years of experience in window and door service and installation. Our master installers are FGIA Certified through the AAMA Installation Masters program. Graham products help solve the most challenging design projects involving architectural windows and doors.

Graham Architectural Products help solve the most challenging design projects involving architectural windows, doors and window wall systems. No matter the environment, no matter the challenge, no one in the industry has more experience or is better able to create lasting solutions to the most confounding issues.

Precision Building Solutions is unique because our installation and engineering services allow our customers the ability to order custom openings, have them engineered, provide quality steel replica windows, and then provide installation.  This saves our clients time and money because searching for all these services separately becomes unnecessary.



Multiple Frame Depths

Numerous configuration variations and glazing styles options available.

Airtight & Watertight

AAMA AW rated for minimum air infiltration, high water resistance and impressive design pressures.

Thermally Efficient

Incorporated advanced thermal strut technology for optimum thermal efficiency and low U-values.

Precision Building Company introduces the GT6 Window System. The GT6 Window System is a family of casement, projected and fixed windows available in various frame depths. It utilizes common frame parts to allow numerous configuration variations and glazing styles. Each frame depth offers four glazing profile options: beveled, concave, flat, and a flush vent option.

grahan gt frame options

Features and Benefits





GT6 Glazing Options
GT6 Euro-Groove






GT6 slime sightline
GT6 Deep Thermal Break







GT6 Dual Finish
GT6 Guardian Panel





Escondido Village Graduate Residences Standford Univirsity Case Study - Palo Alta, CA

GT6 Case Study
GT6 Case Study
GT6 Case Study

The Project

The Challenge

KSH Architects

Window Design Consultation
A collaboration between Graham Architectural Products and Clark Pacific

GT6700 Projected & Fixed Windows

In the face of a compressed timeline, Graham Architectural Products had to design and build a custom window solution, manufacture 6,230 units, and then deliver them to a destination more than 2,700 miles away for installation into precast panels.



40 psf design pressure for floating vent configuration 100 psf for fixed window configuration

Airtight & Watertight

Less than 0.04 cfm/ft2

12 psf water test pressure

Thermally Efficient

Dramatic improvement in heat loss from original single-pane steel windows. U-Factors cut in half.

Precision Building Company introduces the innovative  Graham SR6700 steel replica window.  The  SR6700 aluminum window system is designed to replicate the original steel windows used in many historic buildings. It features a true “floating vent” and large openings with minimal sight lines. Historic concave true muntins and applied grids add to the authentic steel window look. The SR6700’s one-of-a-kind design has been approved for use on several National Park Service registered landmark projects.

Features and Benefits

Window Graphic 2

Narrow sightlines

matching original

steel windows

1 inch window graphic
Momumental Image






glazing leg

True Vent




Overlap of

vent to frame




Available in

dual finish




Steel Windows: The Historical Legacy

Steel windows saw widespread use and popularity through most of the 20th century, from their first use in an American factory in 1907 through the 1970s.

These windows provided a durable, long-lasting product with rigidity against wind pressure and low flammability. Thin sightlines offered maximum daylight, and the large ventilation area was popular with foundries and mills.

Authenticity, Reliability
and Strength

Today, many of these windows are still in use and in need of replacement. But replicating steel windows faithfully while meeting today’s structural and energy standards is no small task. The challenges include:

  • Maintaining historically narrow sightlines
  • Aluminum lacks the strength of steel
  • Thicker insulating glass units are required to meet modern energy efficiency requirements

Graham’s SR6700 Meets the Challenge.

This authentic look is achieved with large openings, minimal sightlines, applied grids and even a floating vent. So authentic that we have helped numerous projects attain National Park Service historic approval.


Cable Mills Apartments Case Study - Williamstown, MA

Replacement Windows in Luxury Apartments
Aluminum Replacement Windows in Historic Building
Steel Windows Replaced by Aluminum Replacement Windows in Historic Building

The Project

The Challenge

Finegold Alexander Architects – Project Architect Christopher Lane, AIA

Window Design Consultation
Bill Homer, Graham Architectural Products Rep
Doug McClelland, Graham Architectural Products Rep
Bill Wilder, Director of Technical Sales

SR6700 & 2200H

Replicate, while bringing up to date, the historic windows that once graced this 140-plus year old mill, so that a dramatic renovation may comfortably accommodate 61 luxury apartments…and so that the National Park Service will grant its approval.

The Cable Mills Apartments Case Study

It took 14 years, three developers, and the unveiling of a new window design from Graham Architectural Products, but Cable Mills, nestled along the banks of the Green River in Williamstown, MA, is now open and looking marvelous.

The project, an adaptive reuse of the one-time Water Street Mill built in 1873, “turn(ed) a decrepit hulk of a mill into 61 luxury housing units,” according to one local report.

“It was just a disaster. It was a mess,” said Jim Alexander, FAIA, LEED AP, recalling his first trip to the site with original developer Bob Keuhn back in the early 2000s.

“We had to remove 83,000 square feet of structure, because all these buildings were connected with this shed-type stuff just nailed to the sides of the buildings throughout the forties, the fifties, the twenties, the thirties,” added Alexander, principal in the Boston firm Finegold Alexander Architects.

With the hodge-podge of structures came a mish-mash of window openings – 13 to be exact, some less than four feet tall and others standing over nine feet high.

Christopher Lane, AIA, project architect, said, “One of the oddities of this project was we had a lot of different window types – even on one façade – because of the way the buildings were built and added on to one another. You’d have three or four window types, ranging from a steel industrial type window, to a double hung, to an awning – all on the same elevation.”

When Keuhn, a giant in the field of historic rehab and mixed income development, passed away suddenly in 2006, the property went back on the market. Subsequent developers, The Traggorth Companies, decided to pursue historic tax credits through the National Park Service (NPS).

According to the architects, Graham played a key role in overcoming challenges and obtaining those credits. The NPS wanted the windows to be more representative of the original structures’ disparate collection, as opposed to presenting the more cohesive look first suggested by Finegold Alexander. In addition, there was one particular configuration where the operable panel was in the middle of the grid. “It was tough to replicate that floating operable window,” Lane said.

Graham’s initial solution involved variations of its single hung 2000 Series window and its standard 6700 Series.

But according to Bill Homer, Graham’s New England sales rep, that was only the start of the give and take. The parties eventually agreed instead on 248 of Graham’s 2200H Series single hung windows, and 218 of Graham’s SR6700 Series windows, a fresh variation of the standard 6700.

The SR6700 offered that floating vent, large opening sizes and the minimal sight lines preferred by the NPS.

According to Bill Wilder, Graham’s director of technical sales, arriving at the right solution wasn’t easy. “You’re trying to replicate with insulated glass an appearance that basically meets the minimal amount of material required to hold a single piece of glass. So that becomes a challenge – trying to meet the historic criteria while meeting the structural requirements and the enhanced thermal performance as well.

“But we do a good job with that, adapting to the different requirements for different buildings, even though the windows may appear the same. That’s because we specialize in historic windows and customizing our base product line per project.”

Alexander said, “What was really so helpful with Graham is that we were able to compose the elevations and do the historically correct thing using solutions that were pretty much available from Graham, and which weren’t available elsewhere.”

Added Lane, “I’ve worked with Graham on many buildings over the past 20 years with no notable quality or performance issues. I would also add that we have been quite satisfied with the end product.”

Beyond the $4 million in Federal Historic Tax Credits and another $3.5 million in Massachusetts Historic Tax Credits, Williamstown committed $1.5 million in Community Preservation Act funds and the state provided $1.3 million in support of affordable housing.

In return, the state and the town received the pristine preservation of an 19th century mill building, a pedestrian walkway allowing access to the Green River, and 61 luxury housing units, some of which are income-sensitive and many of which offer spectacular views of the river and the Berkshires, thanks to Graham.



Artist Lofts, Manitowoc, WI SR6700 with Floating Vent

Artist Lofts, Manitowoc, WI SR6700 with Floating Vent


Cable Mills, Williamstown, MA SR6700 with Floating Vent

21c Museum Hotel, Oklahoma City, OK
(former Ford Model T assembly plant)

SR6700 Steel Replica Window Videos


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