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Renlita is the industry leader in custom doors, windows, and operable walls that transform architectural designs and define interior and exterior spaces. Customize one of our time tested models or design your own one-of-a-kind, "never been done before" masterpiece.

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Renlita S-3000 Foldaway

S-3000 Foldaway

Two steel framed panels and a whole lot of opportunity. With no need for ridiculous structural or excessive electrical costs even with a 90 foot max opening, this door still boasts the largest clear opening height of any 50/50 bifold on the market.

S-2000 Hingeway

The Hingeway is most unique opening available, the Hingeway offers less intrusion into the interior, less lost space when open, and more of a canopy to the exterior. Flush Mountable and awe inspiring, there's no other opening on the market quite like it.

S-2000 Hingeway
S-1000 Floataway

S-1000 Floataway

The single panel Floataway is one of the most customizable openings ever built. With hurricane rated doors, curved and slanted tops and bottoms, sightline matching mullions, and flush mounting available, the design options are limitless.

S-500 Liftaway

One or two panel vertically lifting systems can create an opening with no protrusion to the interior or exterior. Opening upward to a stowed position or downward into a basement or similar storage area, this design is one of the most customizable options.

Renlita S-500 Liftaway
Renlita A-750 Nufold

A-750 Nufold

Dual panels create an awning and no interior projection allows for screens or air curtains mounted inside your opening. Clean lines and spectacular looks make the NuFold a client favorite.


Multiple panels stack up accordion-style to the interior with zero wasted space in your opening. Perfect for spaces where interior tracks would distract from your design or cover up lighting, sprinklers or HVAC systems.

Renlita Sovereign
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