The Ultimate Guide to Updating Your Front Door

When you initially meet a person, the first impression makes a significant impact on your relationship. The same can be said for a house. When you first look at a home, the impression it gives and the feelings it evokes, especially the entry door, will make a big difference.

As a homeowner, an inviting front entry to your home means greeting your visitors with their best foot forward. If you’re selling your house, it could also be the difference between your house selling tomorrow versus months from now. Updating your front door can increase the value of your home overall. 

The numbers don’t lie. Updating your front door could be the tipping point that gets a house noticed. 

The Numbers

Glenview Entry Door 552DB
Glenview Entry Door 552DG

Anytime you are looking to update a component of your home, it’s essential to look at the return on your investment. When it comes to your front door, you have the potential to get a major return for a relatively inexpensive update. The national average return on investment from adding a high-quality front door – like one from Glenview Doors – you could see a return on your investment of about 75%. 

One of the reasons a new front door is such a great investment is that it won’t be a project that forces you to take out equity from your home or get a second mortgage. Of that money you spend on your new front door, you could see at least ¾ of the cost go back into the value of your home. Plus, installing a new front door won’t take months or weeks. It can often be finished in a day!

Beyond The Numbers

Glenview Entry Door 311
Glenview Entry Door 311

If the numbers don’t entice you to upgrade your front door, there are plenty of other reasons to consider it, whether you’re planning to stay in your home for the long haul or looking to sell:

Attracts Potential Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your home, one of the first things you should consider doing is updating your entryway because it’s one of the fastest ways to attract people who might be interested in your home. The more buyers your home brings in, the more chances you have to sell it and sell it quickly. If they feel the house is warm and welcoming, they’ll be more likely to come inside and fall in love. 

Adds Vibrancy

One of the best parts of updating your entryway with a new front door is that you can give your home a quick and easy facelift, especially when you consider adding some color. There are several popular colors you should consider when buying your home if you want to stray from the natural wood tones:

  • Black: Offering a sleek and modern vibe, black is a versatile choice that’s the best in terms of resale value. It can add a touch of sophistication without being too stuffy. 
  • White: Always classic, white doors are universally loved and are remarkably adaptable. They can come off as classy or contemporary, timeless or bold, depending on the rest of your home’s facade. 
  • Navy Blue: A popular choice in recent years is Navy Blue for its ability to be both sleek yet traditional. If you’re nervous about the boldness of black, Navy Blue is a great alternative. 
  • Yellow: You’re an individual who dances to the beat of their drum. You can show off that personality with a bright pop of color on your front door. Choosing a shade like yellow gives off a happy feeling that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. However, it’s more of a gamble, as a future buyer may not appreciate your individuality. 
  • Red: If yellow is a bit much for you, but you still want some color to brighten up your entryway, try a shade of red. Still eye-catching, red can be either bold or traditional. If you want a toned-down version, consider burgundy. 
Prevent Drafts

In the middle of winter, no one wants to feel the chill of a draft coming from the front door. But this is all too common with older doors due to rotting weatherstripping and warped jambs. If you start to notice damage or wear to the weatherstripping on your door or to the door itself, it can also tell potential buyers that there could be other issues within the home. 

Not only does a new door help keep you comfortable in the frigid winters, but it can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. With lower energy bills, you’ll have more money in your pocket, and that will eventually offset the cost of your new front door. On top of that, you’ll be more comfortable, both in the winter and summer months. 

It’s More Welcoming

If you walk up to a home with a door that’s in disrepair, you will assume the state of the rest of the home. But, on the other hand, walking up to a new door that perfectly fits the house will give you a feeling of comfort and put you at ease. So what’s the first impression you want your home to give?


Every homeowner wants to feel secure in their house. While much is spent on security systems, many forget the importance of a secure door. If your door isn’t correctly fitted or is past its prime, it can be much easier for someone to break in. You can have more peace of mind by replacing your old door with a brand new one perfectly fitted to your home. 

What To Look For

Glenview Modern Pivot Entry Door
Glenview Modern Pivot Entry Door

Now that you want a new door, you start your search. But immediately, you’re met with a massive amount of options. So how do you pick the best one? There are a few things to look for:


First, you should narrow down what material you want to use. If you want the best-looking front door or one that will be universally appreciated, going with a natural wood tone is always a great option, as one of the many selections from Glenview Doors, for example. 


As important as the look of your door is, the core of the piece is as important. You want one that will be efficient for temperature regulation, in particular, to save on your energy costs and keep your home well insulated. An excellent core material is polystyrene, which will maintain its shape and fit better than polyurethane and won’t degrade or deform over time. 


Along with the material you choose, the design and style of your door should be taken into consideration. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, pick a door that will appeal to the broadest audience. Anything too specific could alienate your potential buyers. However, if you plan on staying in your home indefinitely, you can choose something with a little more personal style.


The primary consideration should be the security of the door you choose. Be sure that the door you decide on is properly rated for safety and security. Take some time to fully understand the door’s security features and ask yourself if you feel comfortable with that level of protection. 


Everyone wants to make a first impression, and that should extend to your home. With a fresh entryway that’s been updated with a new front door, you can show the world who you are and how beautiful your home is. Along with being a great return on your investment, a new door improves your home’s energy efficiency, security, and overall appearance. As you look for a new door, consider the materials and security features of each of your front door options. As you do so, you’ll be able to enjoy coming home even more. 

If all that sounds a little overwhelming, we’d like to help. Our expert team can help you determine the best Glenview front door for your entry space.

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